These 5 rules will lead you to an orgasm in 20 seconds

If to follow the five rules described below, then a woman can reach an orgasm during 20 seconds even with the partner who has the penis of only 5 cm.

an orgasm in 20 seconds

American sexologists came to that conclusion, having published their investigations. The conditions on which it is possible to reach an orgasm in 20 seconds are the following:

The ability of a woman to reach an orgasm. She mustn’t have an anorgasmia.

The sympathy to her sexual partner. A woman must put off all the negative thoughts and worries, which can be connected with the appearance of her partner and his income. Only true sympathy and passion to her man can help reach the highest peak of the pleasure.

A woman must tune to good sex and orgasm. Excessive love and spiritual closeness can prevent from taking pleasure. You mustn’t be distracted by anything. The main aim is to reach a bright orgasm. The man must feel his woman. He must know how to caress her and what to say. Probably, to caress the back, thighs, bite the lobe of the ear at an appropriate moment.

The man must know the body of his partner very well and use this knowledge fully. Remember, that there is no one approach. Each woman is individual. The man must know what gives his lover a bright orgasm. If to follow all these rules, then a woman can reach an orgasm right in the first 20 seconds of sex. At that the size of the penis is of no importance.

As for a woman’s orgasm, then a woman can satisfy herself by masturbation in maximum 5 minutes. Nobody caresses himself for hours. Many people can experience an orgasm if they put two legs together, pressing the clitoris in 15 seconds. The same must happen to the partner. The man must give pleasure to his woman in a few minutes.

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