The sperm from the male relieves women from depression

The sperm from the male relieves women from depression. Scientists from New York University conducted a study to study the impact of oral sex on women's health.

How does sperm affect a woman?

As it turned out, male sperm can cheer up, has a beneficial effect on sleep, makes better relationships between partners, and contains at least three antidepressants. In addition, the researchers found that those women who have a regular partner and do not use condoms are less likely to become depressed.

It is known that the chemical composition of sperm contains cortisol, which increases a person's sense of attachment, as well as the hormones estrone and oxytocin, which improve the mood.

In addition, sperm contains the most famous antidepressants – serotonin, melatonin, which is considered a sleeping pill, as well as releasing hormones, which are also excellent substances for relieving depression. This is only a small part of the beneficial properties that the male seminal fluid has. This has led the scientists to suggest that sperm is able to deliver women from depression.

To confirm their hypothesis, the researchers conducted an anonymous survey with 293 women who agreed to answer questions in the questionnaire regarding some details of their intimate life. As it turned out, those women who did not use condoms during either oral or traditional sex experienced fewer symptoms of depression than those who regularly used this type of contraceptive.