The sexologist talked about what multi-orgasm is and how to get it

Do not confuse the ability to experience a couple of orgasms with multi-orgasmic. Multi-orgasm is not a miracle, but an innate feature of the body, when a lady needs to experience several orgasms at once to fully relax and relieve sexual tension.


According to various sources of information multi-orgasm is felt by 8-20% of the fairer sex. Most people think that this is great, extraordinary and characterizes women as more sexual, insatiable, but this is not the case.

Let's say there is a segment from point A to point B. This segment is your orgasm. A lady without multi-orgasms goes through this segment at a time. A woman experiencing multi-orgasm will pass this segment in parts. Between point A and B, it will have 2, 3, 5, 7 stops. That is, in terms of the strength of sensations, the entire series of orgasms for such ladies is the same as one ordinary orgasm.

Why it is not necessary to envy ladies with multi-orgasms? First of all because sometimes it is unbearable. Not every man may understand this, not every man is «enough»‎ for such a lady. At the beginning of the relationship, this feature is perceived with enthusiasm, and after it causes excessive tension and even a quarrel. The man has already ejaculated, and the woman needs a lot.

«‎Do not confuse the ability to experience a couple of orgasms with multi-orgasmic. For example, during the accumulated tension, during ovulation or at the peak time of your feelings, based on the sexual constitution, age and much more, a woman can experience more than one orgasm during the day or even for an hour», the sexologist said.

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