The rules of anal sex that no one talks about

Even after a couple of attempts to have anal sex, most girls believe that this is torture and that ladies agree on that only for the sake of a man. They think that anal sex is not about pleasure or orgasm. But men think there are ladies who really love anal.

anal sex

What's the secret of those ladies who love it? If a woman knows how to relax and tune in to anal sex, a woman will simply be able to get satisfaction from this type of sex. In addition, the brightness and strength of anal orgasm is much greater than vaginal or even clitoral orgasms. The anus is the strongest human erogenous zone, because many nerve ends are concentrated in it. This means that with the right stimulation, a lady can get much more pleasure than her partner. You should learn how to do it right.

The right approach

Every sex guide teaches us to «turn off our heads» and enjoy rampant sex. There is only one point: anal sex is the only one in which the head must be turned on. The single and most important rule of preparation for anal sex says: it never, under any circumstances, turns out to be random or spontaneous. In a sense, you need to prepare for it in order to avoid mistakes - an unpleasant sensation, a psychological barrier, illness.

Learn to relax properly

For example, for a few days before anal sex (yes, it must be planned), you can enjoy taking a warm bath, in which you will be able to stimulate your anus. Use a butt plug, though.

It will be a good service: insert it for a certain time when taking a bath, in order to prepare this area for penetrations.

Sexual games with a lover

Play with a partner in order to trust him and relax. When having classic sex, ask your partner to caress your anus and if you are ready, ask him to insert your index finger in your anus. As soon as you feel no more discomfort, you can move on to the next stage. And don't forget about foreplay. Foreplay is the most important step in anal sex. It's great if the lady gets one or a couple of orgasms before anal penetration, because this causes additional blood flow and helps to relax perfectly.

Healthy eating

A healthy diet is the key to great anal sex. The rule of first anal sex is as follows: a couple of days before day X, lean on protein foods - fish, meat, poultry.

Competent penetration technique

Penetration must be performed with a screw-in motion. Have the man start with one finger and add others until the sphincter is stretched to the size of the penis, and after penetration move gently.

Despite the fact that during anal sex you may experience a sensation that comes off with a false urge to defecate, be calm - in reality this will not happen.

Why it is important to use a condom and lubricant

No, it is impossible to do without it. Even if it seems that condoms are made to prevent unwanted pregnancies, and during anal sex there is no risk of getting pregnant, this is not a reason not to use a contraceptive. During anal sex, microcracks are usually created, and any types of viruses that a partner has are immediately in the bloodstream. In addition, the bacteria that live in the rectum have nothing to do either on the partner's penis or in your vagina, where they end up with another vaginal contact.

These are the usual rules of hygiene for anal sex.If you are afraid that it will be painful, use only a special anesthetic lubricant for anal sex. It reduces pain and anesthetics relieve sensitivity. But be careful! If the skin becomes numb, you may not feel that something is wrong and you may miss serious injuries to the anus.