The pubic-coccygeal muscles and their role in obtaining orgasm

During sexual intercourse, the clitoris is stimulated indirectly. As a result of the woman's sexual arousal, her vagina significantly lengthens up to 30%, while its inner part expands by 2/3. This effect is called the effect of inflation of the vagina. It inhibits further growth of excitation. In addition, the front wall of the vagina bends like an arch, forming a cavernous cavity. From this it can be concluded that the achievement of orgasm is complicated by the degree of growth of the woman's excitement, unless the penis provides sufficient excitation of the G-spot, which is the key erogenous part of the vagina.

The pubic-coccygeal muscles and their role in obtaining orgasm

This is especially noticeable in the case of weakness of the so-called Kegel muscle (lonno-coccygeal muscle), i.e. the part of the pelvic floor surrounding the vagina. In other words, in this case, the area of contact of the penis resembles most likely a thin ring, rather than a wide and dense cuff. This case is referred to as the effect of the penis loss.

The above effect can so reduce the sexual arousal of a man that during sexual intercourse the erection of the penis may disappear. On the other hand, it can lead to anorgasmia of the woman, because the contact between the G-point and the penis is insufficient.

The muscles of the upper layer of the pelvic floor significantly affect not only the sensations in the vagina, but also the ability to erect the penis and clitoris. Contractions of the pelvic floor muscles perform the main function, i.e. «start» orgasm.

Indian author Kalangala enthusiastically described the muscle of love. In his treatise on love Ananga-Ranga, he recommended that women compress the muscles of the vagina so that they tightly cover the lingam (penis), then reduce the pressure and repeat the contraction. To master this skill requires long practice and full concentration on her body. Then the man of this woman will appreciate her more than other women and will not exchange her even for the best Rani (Princess) of all three worlds. So men consider Yoni (vagina), which shrinks as the precious gift.

The famous English naturalist and adventurer sir Richard F. Burton wrote that women with such abilities are in great demand, and therefore the prices for them among the slavers were very high. This researcher, who discovered the source of the Nile river in 1858 – Lake Tanganyika – had a passion for traveling and exploring sexuality.

«In women of some peoples the vaginal muscles are incredibly developed. In Abyssinia, for example, a woman can squeeze them so hard that it can cause pain, and riding the man's hips she can bring him to orgasm without moving any other part of her body. This kind of skilled female Arabs call Cabasa (Kabbazab), which literally translates as «one that holds». It is no accident that slavers pay a lot of money for them. This property in one way or another all women have, but they neglect it. Sir Richard F. Burton

Up to the present time among some tribes there was a tradition that young girls were not allowed to marry until they learn to squeeze their vaginal muscles. These skills were tested by a midwife who inserted her fingers into the vagina of the future bride and in this way determined the amount of ransom for her.

In Europe, women with strong vaginal muscles were highly valued by men. The following excerpt is taken from the work of a French anonymous 19th-century author called «‎Live pictures» – this love technique is also known as «‎pump»‎ (or pompoir in French)…

I got into it – Oh heavens, what bliss! The maid's vagina was like a pair of forceps. What was not in the duchesses and I tried in vain to find in many of the marquis, was in the maid – the vagina-lasconic (casse-noisette). She squeezed her flesh around me, sucked me in. Like a vacuum vigorously squeezing my cock, giving me impressions and astonishment. I enjoyed it, I took out my phallus and leaned on her with my whole body... Swift,1994

Every woman automatically and unconsciously contracts their pubic-coccygeal muscle every time she sees something exciting. For example, when women capable of achieving orgasm were shown a slide that they perceived as quite erotic, this subjective assessment was objectively confirmed by muscle contraction, and the absence of any muscle contractions testified to the absence of an erotic effect. However, this correlation was not observed in women who have problems in achieving orgasm. In them, although it seems paradoxical, contractions of the lonno-coccygeal muscle are recorded even when the picture does not excite them at all, i.e. the body reacts, but the brain is not aware of this physical reaction.

From a therapeutic point of view, this phenomenon indicates that the achievement of orgasm depends not only on the development of the lonno-coccygeal muscle, but also on whether the «formation of the sexual reflex»‎ can correct the discrepancy between the vaginal reaction and conscious sexual arousal. Therefore, due to the exercise of the pubic-coccygeal muscles, the woman not only develops the muscle, but regularly focuses the attention on the sensations in the pelvic bottom, respectively, to a greater extent aware of the importance of this muscle for her body. This forms a physical preface to the development of the capacity for sexual harmonization and arousal. Taking this into account, it is advisable to combine exercises for training the muscles of love with exciting sexual fantasies. The more sense organs are involved, the more erotic images play a greater role.

In addition to the fact that women can suffer from a lack of muscle tone of the pelvic floor, quite often there is the opposite extreme, when these muscles are in an excessively tense state. The causes of the latter phenomenon can be both physical and psychological. Chronic tension in this area can often lead even to convulsive pain during menstruation or during sexual intercourse. During the training of the lonno-coccygeal muscle, it is necessary not only to contract, but also to relax this muscle. The better the condition of the lonno-coccygeal muscle, the more fully it relaxes. Rene Masse said that well-developed pubic muscles are characterized by better blood circulation during sexual intercourse. This improves the moisture of the vagina, thereby, in turn, disappears the feeling of discomfort.