The most popular women's mistakes in sex

For centuries there was a stereotype in the minds of women that men are lustful animals who do not care with whom to sleep, the main thing is to sleep as often as possible.

The most popular women

But, believe me; men also need affection, warmth and love. ‘Peopletalk’ presents a ranking of the most common female errors in sex.


Of course, women love the attention of men and terribly jealous when it is aimed in the other direction: work, computer, football, and friends. Some women immediately try to regain positions through sex. But when sex becomes an instrument of manipulation, love is out of the question. Sooner or later, a man is bound to feel it.

Ladies – go!

Some princesses believe that asking a man about sex is absolutely not a Royal. They believe that the guy should always seek them himself. But many men admit that sometimes they still would like to see the initiator of sex is a woman.

Excessive modesty

If you are ashamed of yourself, your body and do not accept compliments, a man will one day believe that you are not so good.

Untimely conversations

Talkativeness in bed is an indicator that a person is worried and can not hide it. But it happens that at the most crucial moment you suddenly feel a wave of panic and you ask your partner the question: “Do you love me?” well, or something like that. Remember, at a time like this, a man can't answer any questions.


If you don't like something in bed, why don't you tell about it to your affiliate? Men admit that they would be glad to hear from the woman the truth to understand how it is necessary to act. After all, any normal man wants not just to have fun yourself, but also to deliver pleasure to his sex partner.

Repeat it, please

After successful sex of the girl often demand from the partner of immediate continuation of «‎Banquet». But a man is usually so exhausted that he needs to rest. Try for a change to take the initiative in your hands and to play the role of a horsewoman.

Shyness in bed

Many girls have a variety of taboos in the intimate sphere. Most of them are constrained by their own complexes. Do not afraid to seem in bed funny or non-sexual. If you fail the first time, try again. Trust me; it will only add excitement to a man.