The major causes why you ought to have sex contacts more often

Sex is a universal remedy that improves physical and psychological condition. How much is the medicine in the pharmacy? How much does sex cost? The difference is significant. What exactly is so useful in this process?

The major causes why you ought to have sex contacts more often

1. Training for the body

Scientists say that within 25 minutes in bed it can be burned up to 70 calories. And if you try hard then the number of calories may be burned much more. Instead of going to the gym for an hour of training or a grueling run, you can just stay in bed with your loved one: get physical activity and pleasure.

2. Rising immunity

During sex, antibodies are produced that are necessary to protect the body. So during a cold you should not run to the pharmacy for medicines. Regular sex life is the best preventive measure.

3. Analgesic effect

In the process of achieving orgasm releases hormones that create the effect of painkillers. That is sex can be not only pleasant, but also useful, will remove any pain: from PMS to pains in joints.

4. Deep sleep

The calming effect of endorphins and prolactin helps to relax. In this state, you do not need to take any sleeping pills or resort to meditation. Deep and peaceful sleep itself comes. So you can easily sleep and wake up in the morning cheerful and rested.

5. Stress reduction

Modern life puts pressure on people. So that cope with nerves not be easy. Many resort to the help of alcohol and drugs. This is a big mistake. Sex is the best anti-stress. It neutralizes the negative, helps to relax and distract. This improves the overall psychological state. And there is no need to buy sedatives or go to a psychologist.

6. Preservation of youth

Oddly enough, sex has the effect of rejuvenation. Making love at least three times a week helps keep you young. Endorphins released in the process improve blood circulation. Thanks to this, the skin looks much better. There are times when there is no girl (or wife) or she simply does not want to, you may ask for the services of a prostitute, they always want.

7. Improving the functioning of the brain

During sex, the hormones dopamine and oxytocin are also released. They are responsible for stimulating brain activity. So intimacy improves your cognitive abilities.

It becomes clear that for a healthy and happy life you just need a regular sex life. It will make you better and save money on medication. And these are only seven of its advantages, but in fact, they are much more.