The Italians lose the glory of the passionate lovers

In the last four years, men in this country visit sex therapists 15% more often.

The Italians became bad lovers

Research by scientists suggests that the long-entrenched image of Italians as tireless lovers is now less and less true. Passionate love before going to sleep, the Italians prefer a book, computer or TV.

According to the Rome Institute of clinical sexology, the number of visits to sex therapists in 2010-14 had increased by 15%. Especially Italian men are concerned about the problem of loss of libido. The number of complaints about this increased by 40%.

«Ten years ago, our patients were mostly women,» – explains Dr. Roberta Rossi of the Institute of clinical sexology. – Gradually, we began to come more and more men who understood that Viagra can solve some problems, but it is powerless against the loss of desire.»

Doctors explain the loss of libido by physical and psychological problems. Sociological problems have recently been added to them. Basically, it's the inability to adjust to changing relationships with women.