The Internet has saved us from sex

British researchers have concluded that it is virtual communication discourages us from making love.

Why do we have less sex nowadays?

Professor David Spiegelhalter of the University of Cambridge wrote a book-report on his research, in which he stated that the sexual life of mankind has been in decline since the advent of the Internet. Today, the average couple has sex only three times a month. But in 2000 it was 4 times, and in 1990-five times.

– Before we had a serious division of personal life and public life – professor explained his conclusions. – And now everything is mixed up and public life is intergrated in personal.

People check email on their laptops and smartphones around the clock and there is no free, so-called «empty» time at all. The professor even made the assumption that it is because of the abundance of virtual communication that more and more people live alone, and not in pairs, families. There is no need to live together - communication does not stop and so. But it is much better to turn on the receiver, find pleasant music and spend the evening with each other.

In addition, with this technological equipment, our life is so loaded with different things, ideas and activities that there is no time left for communication with your beloved. Yes, priorities are changing – first things need to be done (and thanks to smartphones they can «get» us in the shower and in bed), and then you may have a rest. In general, sex is not a priority for a busy modern man with a smartphone.