The initial 12 minutes of a rendezvous dare everything

Are you dream to make a lasting impression at the first date? Then you should take into account that it is 12 minutes that are decisive – they allow you to assess the attractiveness of a person. It is during this period of time you can understand whether you like the voice, eyes, facial expressions, demeanor, intonation.12 minutes can both give a chance to further develop relations, and to ensure that people continue to search for the ideal partner for sex entertainment.

The initial 12 minutes of a rendezvous dare everything

These data were obtained as a result of a sociological survey, which was attended by more than 2,000 people. These studies are striking:

59% of the respondents are able to be scared off by the unpleasant odor coming from the body (the smell of sweat or bad perfume);

53% will never continue the relationship with the owner of stale breath;

25% of respondents carry out a thorough marafet before the first date (women do styling, update manicure and buy a new dress);

6% of respondents collect all possible information about who they go on a first date with;

Every 20th man goes in for sports or diets (every 16th woman also goes in).

Well-known British psychologist Donna Dawson believes that the success of the date is directly related to how much effort to improve your own appearance you will make. So, taking a shower and a breath freshener show that you respect a potential partner and are interested in creating the image of a person who respects him/her. The chances of success will increase if you wear something familiar – in such clothes you will behave relaxed and confident.