The popular actress was charged of compulsion and harassment

A series of sexual scandals Hollywood does not stop. Recently, Anthony Oliver, who lives in the United States, accused the actress of «Supernatural» in coercion and harassment.

The popular actress was charged of compulsion and harassment

According to the man, Jamie Luner offered him drugs and, imperceptibly filming the process on camera, engaged in oral sex with Oliver. «Victim» says that it happened in the late nineties, when he was a sixteen-year-old teenager.

With actress Anthony was introduced by his brother, when she was already in the movie. In 1998, at his Villa Luner had a party, where he gave Oliver a drink and drugs, and then, with him and another guy, went to the bedroom. And already in the room she, while the other guy was recording, gave him a blowjob.

Now, almost 20 years later, Oliver wrote a statement to the police on the advice of his doctor. The man is observed by the doctor as an alcoholic and emphasizes that he already told his family about it in 1998. Then his mother working in local authorities didn't allow it to make public this incident from-for unwillingness to make a sensation.

The actress commented on the situation through her lawyer, she denies all Anthony Oliver charges.