The expert told about a delicate problem during sex: why it occurs and how to avoid

If urination during sex is constant, then you should go to the gynecologist.

a delicate problem during sex

The desire to urinate during sex is completely normal. You need to relax and not be clamped down on fears, because this way you will only make it worse and will not be able to enjoy sex.

This desire appears from excitement, the lady's sex glands and clitoral bulb grow. That is, the urethral canal may be blocked, which does not allow the urine to escape.

According to sexologist Olga Vasilenko, the probability that urination will occur during sex is higher when:

Urological diseases

Thus, due to certain urological diseases, the partner usually urinates during sex. It is worth going to the gynecologist for an examination to determine the exact cause.

You're not aroused

It is worth preparing your own body for intimacy, because if you do not feel aroused, then an orgasm is unlikely.

Weak pelvic muscles

Yes, they are also involved in urinary retention. After pregnancy and childbirth, most women face weak pelvic muscles. Such ladies already urinate during intimacy.

If urination during sex is constant, then go to the gynecologist. Weak muscles also occur in ladies who have not given birth.

An innate feature of your body

There are ladies (approximately 5%) who experience orgasms with urination. This has always been the case, and the probability that this will change is quite low. Such ladies have an orgasm so strong that it is not possible to exercise control. A sexologist may help in this situation.

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