The influence of alcoholic beverages on potency in males

Scientists at the University of Granada and St. Thomas came to the conclusion that abusing alcohol, a man is sure to face problems in sexual life. Moreover, they would pursue a man in the course of the year, even if he did give up such a habit.

The influence of alcoholic beverages on potency in males

Impotence has nothing to do with age, scientists say. While still young, a man can lose sexual power, leading a sedentary lifestyle, abusing alcohol, smoking and drugs.

The stronger sex has a misconception that alcohol before sexual intercourse allows you to delay ejaculation, get more pleasure. In fact, alcohol has a stimulating effect for a short time. Then the violation of erection and further sexual function comes.

First of all, morning erections, night pollutions and erotic dreams disappear. A man who drinks will blame it on fatigue or bad mood. After a while, he will not be able to perform sexual intercourse at all. The feeling of pleasure disappears as a result of dulling the sensation. As a result, a man feels dislike for women, he has a persistent impotence.

Sex with a drunken husband will not be a joy for any wife. She will avoid sexual intimacy in every way.

Smoking and alcohol contribute to the deterioration of blood flow through the penis arteries. As a result, the erection weakens or does not occur at all.

According to statistics, up to 90% of men are infected with sexually transmitted diseases as a result of sexual contact with unfamiliar women, being intoxicated by alcohol.