The favor of sex for males

The usefulness of sex is recognized and proven for a long time, but we will remind those who have forgotten and enlighten those who didn't.

The favor of sex for males

Sex every day has a positive effect on the reproductive function of men and increases the possibility of conception. With daily sex, the quality of sperm significantly improves.

Sex, which ended with ejaculation for seven days in 90% of cases improves the quality of male sperm (results of a study by Australian scientists). In just seven days, the number of abnormalities in the structure of sperm DNA decreases from an average of 34% to an average of 26%.

It should be noted that frequent sexual acts reduce the volume of the released sperm, but this should not worry because the mobility of the remaining «tadpoles» significantly increases.

Supporters of abstinence should know that prolonged presence of sperm in the testicles leads to violations in the structure of DNA; prolonged exposure to heat also harms sperm, and with regular sex these factors do not have time to harm and the chance of conception increases.

The problem of the absence of children from fathers over 40 years, most often associated with the deterioration of sperm quality.

Women should know that the fertility of the body decreases with the use of 4 or more cups of coffee per day. A similar effect is created by alcohol, if a woman touches it more often than 3 times a week, but the most harmful is taking cigarettes, even one a day.