The skill of oral fondling

In the modern world, it is customary to speak openly about sex: what to wear on a first date, how to protect yourself and what to use aphrodisiacs, but no attention is paid to the process itself. In our article we will talk about this kind of caresses, as oral sex. After all, the more women master the art of oral sex, the more chances men have to get real pleasure from the process.

The skill of oral fondling

This is what every woman should know!

All men experience orgasms only thanks to their brain, so a woman should definitely help him in this and show how much she wants everything that happens. If by all her appearance she shows that oral sex for her is a duty that does not bring her absolutely no pleasure, then the impressions of such sex will be greatly blurred. A man should know for sure that all that is happening a woman wants very much.

What can be unpleasant to a man?

The contact of teeth with the penis can be unpleasant for a man. It is not only distracting, but also painful.

During oral sex, only the lips and tongue should be involved. Of course, some like easy biting, but it is still desirable to do them through the lips (covering her teeth with her lips).

Oral sex technique

If a woman is able to completely take the penis in her mouth, then this is fine, but not necessarily. The most sensitive part is the penis glans, you may start with it, gradually passing the penis deeper and deeper. Do not forget about the tongue, using all sorts of techniques. During the process, choose a rhythm that will appeal to the man. Here you will need individual approach: sometimes slow movement excite stronger then rapid and energetic. However, adhering to a given rhythm, the process must also be diversified – you may lick, kiss (in a word, show imagination). Many men really like it when in addition to the mouth, the hands are also involved. Try to start with stimulation by hands, and then apply your mouth to the movements.

The art of oral sex and reincarnation

It turns out that all men like to watch pornographic films because of their affectation. Become an actress from porn: give a passionate kiss, kneel down and indulge in oral caresses at an unexpected moment or even in an unexpected place. Some women do not want to experience orgasm with sperm in their mouth, but they cannot even imagine how much men dream about it! Sperm does not have to be swallowed – it can be spat out in the bathroom.

Well, if this is not possible, allow the man to cum on your body – it will also add a lot of sensations. Sex life must be diverse. Do not deprive your partner of the opportunity to get even more pleasure. Having mastered the art of oral sex, you will surely refresh your relationship.