Tantric sex is the senior form of love relations

The human brain 'works' only for 10 percent of its possibilities. We do not know what miracles would be revealed to man, if our mind was involved at least half…

Tantric sex is the senior form of love relations

What do we know about love? About love divine, about love between a man and woman? It is unlikely that our knowledge in these areas is greater than the coefficient of our brain, consciousness.

But what is necessary to do? Is man doomed to darkness; is there no light in the darkness of ignorance? Of course not! And one of the best means of knowledge of both Human and divine love is the doctrine of Tantra, namely tantric massage, tantric sex, and as a culmination — tantric orgasm.

Tantric massage allows you to discover the real erotica in the unabated sense of the meaning of the word. You will be convinced in practice that all your body, and not only its separate elements, is the real erogenous zone. Tantric massage will open you a new, unexplored range of heavenly sensations, waking you dormant for many years erotic potential.

In the process of tantric massage you will feel how the problems that existed until now in reality are swept away and realize all their insignificance in comparison with the comprehension of the concept of Love..., Love that generates your own body, Love that cannot do without sexual fantasies that accumulate in the body an unprecedented erotic surge of sensations.

Connoisseurs of the art of love will understand that we are talking about tantric sex — the highest form of sexual relations.

Sexual energy prevails in Tantra on the way to comprehension of Cosmic, divine Energy. Tantric sex is sacred. This is not an ordinary copulation of a man and a woman, which over the years becomes commonplace, bored and turns into «duty fulfillment», but a mystical ritual, the culmination of which does not put punctuation marks in the relationship of the sexes, but turns this relationship into an endless upward line of continuous improvement.

The culmination in tantric sex (tantric orgasm) is not the finale of a love act, but the explosive force of unknown sensations and emotions, the highest point, which is brighter and stronger with each step on the path of Tantra.

Tantric love

Love is always one, but the attitude towards it is different. What Tantra teaches about love? First of all, Tantra teaches the art of conscious love, the attitude to love as the basis of all life on earth. This is not only a sense perception and not only a spiritual connection.

The main thing is the art of giving

Closeness in love is aimed not only at procreation, sensual satisfaction, but also at achieving energy harmony between partners, the disclosure of the chakras. For a European person, this will sound very unusual, but in Tantra yoga, sexual intimacy is an exercise. Learn and strive to do this exercise so well that the result was the spiritual ecstasy of the partners.... And it is impossible to achieve such result in 2-3 minutes of «normal» for Europeans sex. Male tantrists are able to continue sexual intercourse for more than 2 hours. This is helped by the technique of prolonging the act and the technique of controlling male ejaculation, as well as the separation of ejaculation and male orgasm, which were further developed in the Chinese concept of Tao-love.

Another important point is the teaching about the process of love pleasures, from foreplay and caresses to movements during the act and actions after orgasm, as well as the language of love, allowing couples to more accurately understand the partner during the love process. For a woman, Tantra is also the art of controlling her internal muscles and, most importantly, the art of controlling her sexual energy, which allows you to control even your monthly cycle (at the same time, it is clear that those who have mastered it have no problems with contraception). Sex in this case is needed to a certain extent to achieve harmony with the world, it is not the goal, but only a means to achieve a higher spiritual goal.

The main Tantric techniques are described in more detail in the Kama Sutra, a treatise on love written around 200 BC. We are best aware of only the later arrangements, interpretations and adaptations of this Sutra in relation to modern conditions and from the position of a European, which all reduces to purely mechanical actions and physical exercises.

The basis of psycho-techniques of Tantra are «‎psychoplastic dance», which taught man to feel subtle energy. When you have learned to feel and transmit the ethereal energy, you have the opportunity to experience any spiritual practice more deeply.

Tantra yoga implies complete sexual freedom, but Europeans tend to take from this system only a small part that satisfies their sensual needs and pleasures, turning Tantra into sex yoga.

In order a couple be able to achieve tantric harmony, 3 conditions must be meet: sex, love and temperance; if there are no fulfillment of all 3 conditions at once, there is no true Tantra. Sex in Tantra is a physical technique of poses, energy control and orgasm. Love is an emotional relationship of partners in which there is a fusion of astral bodies. Abstinence is a time for meditation and detachment from sexual thoughts.

Sex without love will not give satisfaction to a woman and a man, love without sex will not be understandable to a man and not interesting to a woman. Sex without abstinence will not give sublimation of sexual energy, love without abstinence will be only sexual and will lose romanticism and spirituality.

In Tantra there are 3 periods for abstinence: the menstrual cycle of a woman, the time of the growing moon and the time of the aspects of the planets when sexual desire is great, or the time of meditative retreat.

During menstruation, women should give up any kind of contact, even kissing, and use all free time only for meditation. During menstruation, women have a cleansing of the subtle body, and if a man comes into contact, this energy goes into it, only experienced students practice special techniques of the goddess Kali, when a woman's menstruation is used for sexual practices.

During a meditation retreat not of a sexual nature, only occasionally contact of hands and lips allowed.

During the 'growing' moon can be enjoyed any sexual love, in addition to contact of penis and vagina. If you make contact with the penis and vagina, the penis should remain motionless, and meditation is performed. The time of meditation and sex, should be approximately equal.

The woman begins to be excited in the head, ends the excitement in the heart and orgasms in the uterus.

A man is excited by the penis, wants with the heart and satisfies the desire with the mind.

Tantra allows a man to experience the stages of sexual ecstasy of a woman and vice versa. If this realization does not happen, you will not be able to meditate. Without love, a woman and a man form criticism, dissatisfaction, without love there is no sublimation and without love there is no maithuna (coition) of lingam and yoni of the heart that is vajra with a heart flower lotus.

Therefore, in Tantra we are not talking about a lot of sexual partners, first you need love, then a partner. Without love with many partners, the energy will be concentrated in the abdomen and legs.

In Tantric sex, a man is engaged in sublimation, and a woman is engaged in blooming a flower, falling into the abyss.

Flower blooming

But it should be remembered that this character of movement is associated with energy. Without love, the energy of the woman from the head will not fall into the uterus, and without abstinence, the energy of the man will not rise to the head. Without abstinence, the woman's energy will not return to the head, that is, will not make a cycle, a circle, and, therefore, the orgasm will not be complete. Without love, the energy of the man who abstained will not be associated with the energy of the head, the penis will not obey the mind, and there will be two parallel consciousnesses.

Physical abstinence leads to mental sex, that is, awakens love, and sex leads to the realization of love, which has a range from the heels of the feet to the top.

In India and Tibet there were preliminary practices before the disciple was ready for Tantra. Tantra works when you have the experience of the lower chariots of Buddhism – Hinayana (asceticism and meditation) and Mahayana (love).

Or it works when you have a causal experience of Brahmacharya (abstinence) and grihastha (family love) in India. But it is possible to have the necessary level for tantric practices in past lives and then it is simply important to go through basic yoga meditations, preliminary NGONDRO practices in Buddhism to remember the experience.

If there is no experience, then Tantra will degenerate into sex, into the theory of love, or too much emphasis on classical yoga.

Sex, love and meditation are the 3 basic principles of Tantra: bliss, knowledge and being. Sex creates bliss, on the basis of love there is true knowledge or wisdom, life is filled with meditation and opens, as being, stay in the Absolute state.

When you base your spiritual practice on the correct flow of these three principles, then your spiritual goals come to a rapid realization, and ordinary life becomes harmonious and mystical.

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