Apareunia as synchronicity or simultaneous orgasm

Many spend years trying to experience it, but do not achieve anything. Today we will talk about synchronous or simultaneous orgasm. Before the clock appeared, there was only one reliable way to synchronize the meeting – to appoint it at dawn or sunset.

Apareunia as synchronicity or simultaneous orgasm

Now that 300 million hours are bought every year, there is nothing easier than synchronicity – otherwise how would 20 million Brazilians know that at 8 PM it's time to finish all the work to watch the country's most popular soap opera Tudo por Amor (All for the sake of love)? Sometimes, however, it is not important how accurate your watch, and how skillfully you use the time. So here is our nine-step plan to achieve the highest expression of synchronicity or simultaneous orgasm.

Pull your scrotum down!

In 75% of men ejaculation occurs within two minutes after the onset of sexual intercourse. Premature ejaculation is the first obstacle of achieving simultaneous orgasm. To begin with, pay attention to what happens to the scrotum during intercourse: it gradually tightens to the base of the penis. Gently pulling her down before ejaculation, the man can restrain himself before it's too late.

Press the point Jen-Mo

Now learn to determine where in the area between the anus and the scrotum is the point Jen-Mo, the impact on which, according to Taoist reflexology, leads to the fact that the seminal fluid does not erupt outward, but remains in the inguinal region, entering directly into the blood, which allows a man to experience orgasm without ejaculation. It should, however, be careful: too intense pressure can lead to throwing sperm into the bladder, the formation of turbid sediment in the urine and the possible development of inflammation.

Contract small pubo-coccygeal muscle

If none of these tactics work, it's time to start charging. If the right to contract the muscles of the pelvis, in particular, small pubo-coccygeal muscle (pubo-coccyqeus), this will lead to a narrowing of the seed channel and delay ejaculation. Start with 25 cuts, 5 seconds each, daily. With each contraction, the man must imagine that he is kept from urinating. (Pubo-coccygeal muscle is just to control this function.) For your efforts you will be rewarded with all the wonderful sensations that gives an orgasm, but without ejaculation.

Stimulate clitoris

Since there are few nerve endings in the depth of the vagina, vaginal stimulation alone is less likely to lead a woman to orgasm. In other words, thoughtless movements back and forth are useless. We will take better care of the clitoris – a highly sensitive organ located at the entrance of the vagina. Do this in turn: a man may well cope with this task during intercourse, but a woman should not be embarrassed to masturbate during lovemaking.

No rush!

Men who complain that their partner needs too much time to reach orgasm should know the following: after measuring the time needed by members of 1000 couples to masturbate alone to reach the finish line, it turned out that men are ahead of women by only a few seconds. Conclusion: it's not women who are slow – it's men who are too hasty.


In 1994, German obstetrician Ernst Grafenberg discovered the G-zone, an extremely sensitive area in male and female anatomy. In women, it is a rough area on the front wall of the vagina. To find out where this area is located in men, you should enter the thumb into the anus and press in the direction of the center of the body. Stimulation of the G-spot in women is more intense during sexual intercourse in a position where the man is behind. Perhaps that is why our ancestors (and most animals) are clearly preferred this position to everyone else. Despite careful research, scientists cannot explain why in men this point is in the anus.


Anal sex can give exceptional pleasure. A little training and you will achieve simultaneous orgasm in this way. Just as in normal intercourse, start with a small game. Imagine that anus of your male or female partner is a watch, and the arrow in position 12 indicates the head. Now you can easily find the most sensitive points for manual stimulation: on the outer edge of the anus, corresponding to 6 and 8 hours.


And now we have reached the most important part of the program. Throw away the sexual prejudices of Western culture: sex, definitely need to learn! The boys of the Manga tribe from the Cook Islands receive their first erotic lessons at the age of 13 from adult experienced women who teach them masturbation, cunnilingus techniques and how to bring a partner to orgasm two or three times before he himself reaches ejaculation.

Drag the seminal fluid up!

And here is one last piece of advice to regular partners intending to have children. Biologists say that simultaneous orgasm promotes conception. Contraction of the vaginal muscles at discharge act like a powerful vacuum cleaner, dragging the seminal fluid up towards the egg. This phenomenon, called the «suction effect», significantly increases a woman's chances of getting pregnant.

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