7 sure signs that a man has stopped loving you

How to understand if the relationship has come to a crisis, or is it the end? How to stop lying to yourself and admit that he definitely won't be your soul mate? To try to change the situation or not to waste time?

the man fell out of love

Experts have named 7 of the most obvious signs that love is gone from your relationship.

Rely solely on yourself

Is it easier for you to call a taxi than to ask him to meet you? Do you go to the dry cleaner for clothes yourself, so as not to face his nervous reaction? Do you prefer to handle household chores on your own, instead of entrusting this responsibility to him? A man gladly fulfills any woman's whim only in one case - when he is in love with her.

He's always in a bad mood

A man who has ceased to have warm feelings for a woman is often irritated. He does not always realize this, and it is not easy for a partner to distinguish between ordinary apathy and temporary difficulties from deep dissatisfaction, which completely changes the relationship. When you are around, he complains about a headache, angrily asks you to speak down, not ask him stupid questions, not slurp, not complain about problems, not disturb him when he is playing video games ... Doesn't he care about your feelings anymore? Loses temper quite often? Do you remember the last time he complimented you, and you are sincerely happy if the day passed quietly and calmly, without mutual nagging? His claims against you are growing day by day, and you feel completely helpless? Take a break and analyze: it may not be about you at all. He didn't use to react at all to little things, but now he began to reproach you for any reason? Nervous about something that wasn't a problem for him before? Alas, if this continues not for 2-3 days, but for months and years, it means that he simply stopped loving you.

No ease

Home is a place where it is warm, comfortable and calm. And love is not only an insane passion, but also mutual understanding, trust and respect for each other, common interests and goals. If everything is too complicated in love, then it is more about codependency than about a healthy relationship. Of course, all couples quarrel, however, if the conflict period has dragged on, you need to look at the situation differently in order to find out what exactly went wrong. One of the main indicators of problems that are extremely difficult to solve is the loss of ease in a relationship. You used to enjoy spending time together, but now you can only dream of harmony? Silence is hard, and attempts to organize a romantic date or just talk heart to heart turn into a cheap performance? Do you think how to correctly formulate your request so that he does not get angry? What can you do to finally see his smile, and not annoyance? Hurry home so that he does not reproach you for being late at work? Or, conversely, silently accumulate resentment if, instead of spending time with you, he went to a bar with friends? Alas, if there is no more ease in the relationship and you cannot openly discuss problems with each other, this is one of the signals that there is simply nothing to save.

Doesn't want to spend time with you

He began to openly avoid you. At first, you thought that is just seemed to you. However, he is increasingly delayed at work, meets with friends, asks not to touch him at home because he is tired after a busy day. It seems okay - just like everybody does. However, frankly speaking, we are well aware that this happens to everyone who ... stopped loving their partner. Men are impatient at the start of the relations: they try to be close to their women, arranges dates, compliment their beloved. Gradually, the passion goes away, but in a relationship where there is love, there is no place for situations when a man tries to run away from home and finds a thousand excuses to justify his behavior. He has new hobbies and acquaintances, he does not try to explain something, and when you ask questions, he says that you are getting on his nerves. You shouldn't think that he just needs some time to relax and think it over. Alas, this is not the case. He just doesn't have feelings for you anymore.

Lack of joint plans

Partners who truly love each other tend to want to make plans together. In healthy relationships, people always have common goals and discuss ways to achieve them. If a man does not want to share plans with you, discuss problems, does not show interest in your affairs, this is a clear sign that If a man does not want to share plans with you, discuss problems, does not show interest in your affairs, this is a clear sign that he is indifferent to you. Have you stopped using the word we? Apparently, now there is only you and him separately.

Refuses sex

Do you really think that a man who avoids intimacy loves you? Of course, provided that the man is healthy. Avoiding physical contact in most cases means cooling the senses. If there is no sex for a long time, then it is likely that the man has another woman. Sometimes he could really be tired and stressed but usually it doesn’t last long.

Criticizes you

Only a man who has stopped loving his women can treat her without respect. If he laughs at your imperfections, reproaches you for your weaknesses, belittles your achievements, humiliates you - this is an extremely sad sign. Do not console yourself with the fact that the man is just tired and after a while he will definitely be the man he used to be. He no longer has feelings for you. You need to understand and accept this fact.

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