Top signs that you are good in bed

Let's be honest: what do we actually know about the physiology of men? Are you confident in your own charms enough to instantly conquer a man? By the way, scientists have proven that men instinctively recognize signals and accurately identify a lady with a fire burning inside. How? We propose to consider the signs that clearly indicate that a woman is really good in bed.

good in bed

You react to flirting

You instantly react to a compliment, and immediately receive another one. You know how to touch your hair, and the angry boss stops being angry with you. While you are waiting for your girlfriend at the bar, do not get bored, but actively take cocktails from the handsome man at the counter. Bravo! Young ladies who skillfully use their own charms have every chance to make a lasting impression on their lover.

You are inquisitive

You have a wonderful trait - openness to new things. You like to gain new knowledge, analyze, get to the bottom of the matter. You do not know what laziness and fatigue are. Psychologists say that you will definitely not get bored with such a person in bed.

Skilled hands

You have everything in your hands. Embroidery with beads, masterly chopping vegetables or the ability to write in calligraphic handwriting - if you do anything skillfully with your hands, then you will definitely be successful in sex. It is logical after all!

Good sense of smell

If you are so sensitive to odors that you can recognize the seasonal variations of popular fragrances from the first notes, then you probably smell great yourself. This means that a partner with the right pheromones is able to count literally in one moment. As a result - high-quality sex.

You are kinesthetic

Do you like to touch silk and cashmere? Do you enjoy being touched? Every man dreams of such a sensual woman!

Are you watching porn movies

You are not hypocritical, and that's great. Sometimes, to broaden your horizons, can you watch an adult movie or visit a sex shop without a shadow of embarrassment? Your partner is just lucky! You have adequate self-esteem

Everything is clear here: you love yourself, your own body and clearly demonstrate this love to others. It's a great foundation for a long and stable relationship?