Students frequently overlook condoms

Public Health England is compelled to launch a campaign to propagandize condoms among young people. The reason is the recently conducted government study, which has detected that almost half of the young people don’t use condoms, coming into a sexual contact with a new partner.

Students frequently overlook condoms

48% - use unregularly condoms with new partners.

10% - have never used condoms.

One of the main reasons for refusing to use contraception is a bunch of old and well-known speculations. Number one speculation is that sex without a condom is better and brighter. The second most popular reason is alcohol. Half of the respondents confessed that they didn’t use condoms after parties.

Some countries observe the reduction in the number of protected sex contacts among young people and they resume the educational campaigns.

I use condoms only in half of the cases. If I drink alcohol, it almost always leads to sex and I don’t think about protection. When you are drunk, you behave yourself more recklessly - Jordan, 19 years old.

One more popular tendency is that women take contraceptives or use other contraception means. The women affirm that guys are more concerned about safety from unintended pregnancy than from venereal diseases.

If a girl takes contraceptives, then it is one more way to tell that you may not put on a condom – Alley Jordan, 20 years old.

Over the last year, only in England more than 141thousand cases of chlamydia and gonorrhea among young people from 15 till 24 have been diagnosed – BBC informs about the study and its results.

The sexually transmitting infections can lead to infertility, inflammatory diseases of the organs of the small pelvis, swelling and inflammatory process in the testes and even meningitis.

The symptoms of chlamydia cannot appear at all.

It was unpleasant. My groin ached, and the urination was also painful. But the nastiest thing was that I had to tell my sexual partners, the former and the present, that I had a venereal disease, and advise them to examine themselves.

Now, when I have sex with a new partner, I will surely use a condom – Jessy, 21 years old.

Recently doctors have warned that gonorrhea becomes more resistant to antibiotics and can cease to respond to the treatment, and the only way not to get infected is to use condoms.