Squirt: what it is and how to gain it exactly

Female ejaculation, also known as squirting, is a physical ejaculation, often combined with an unusually strong orgasm. Despite the fact that it is traditionally believed that only men are capable of ejaculation, many women are faced with this phenomenon.

Squirt: what it is and how to gain it exactly

Female and male ejaculations are similar in many ways:

  • Have an accumulation period before the physical release
  • Deliver moral, physical and sexual pleasure.

Squirting has many advantages for women. Typically, a woman feels a stronger orgasm with or without ejaculate, possibly due to stronger stimulation, which is often needed to achieve ejaculation.

If a woman wants to learn how to squirt, she must first study the important organs of her body and learn how they work. A look at anatomy will increase the understanding of what female ejaculation is, and will enhance sexual pleasure and achieve squirting.

Male and female ejaculation is the physical release of fluid from the urethra during a strong sexual rise or orgasm. It is believed that the ejaculate fluid is produced by the Skene gland, which is analogous of the male prostate, where the male ejaculate is formed. The source, composition and number of components of the female ejaculate are not fully elucidated, which requires more research and experiments to obtain and confirm the results.

Initially, it was believed that the ejaculate is urine, however, a huge number of women argue that the ejaculate, unlike urine, has neither taste nor smell.

A way to achieve ejaculation and prolong orgasm in women

First, it is important to strengthen the lonno-coccygeal muscles (lonno-coccygeal muscles are often called kegels). Exercises strengthen these muscles and improve blood circulation throughout the lonno-coccygeal region. During the stimulation of blood flow is accelerated and enhances the physical and moral lift, which leads to the unique orgasm. These same exercises allow you to strengthen sexual control and prolong the orgasm. They form an eight around the vagina and anus. They begin at the pubic bone and end at the coccyx, supporting the entire area. Stopping and restoring the process of urination is one of the exercises to train these muscles. Try to use only the LC muscles, as the use of the gluteal thigh muscles will not help you to increase sexual control and prolong orgasm. Do it, if possible, five times a day and increase the number of repetitions as the muscles strengthen.

The next exercise is based on muscle exercises and increases the likelihood of ejaculation. A technique is known as the luring method. The method of luring is the insertion of two fingers into the vagina with the palm up and bending them to the palm, as if you are beckoning (luring) someone by your hand. In this case, the front wall of the vagina is under some pressure. Do this slowly and rhythmically, applying pressure evenly. Additionally, you can use the thumb of the same hand, massaging it the same area outside. At the same time, stimulate the pelvic area and clitoris with your other hand or vibrator. Pretty soon you'll feel like you're about to pee. This is due to the fact that the ejaculate goes through the channels and out of the urethra in the same way as urine. This is a normal feeling and it is important to relax and give the ejaculate a way out. Many women are afraid to pee during sex and physically restrain the ejaculate. Do anything to get rid of the fear of peeing during sexual intercourse.

Another method of achieving ejaculation involves all the same as the method of luring, but the fingers in the vagina make circular movements. Instead of flexing your fingers to your palm, bend them slightly and slowly apply pressure, pulling them into a straight state. Your fingers, straightening, feel the smooth surface of the vaginal wall. Repeat this pressure movement with your fingers and nails for more thrills. Combine this method with the rest of the steps in the method of luring. Remove fingers from the vagina before orgasm to see the ejaculate, although the fingers can be pushed out by the vaginal muscles before squirting.

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