Specialized sex hotels are starting receive clients in Rostov

It has long sunk into Oblivion the days when a normal date on the street could one hundred percent satisfy lovers. Today dictates very different trends. Some love, and some make from their love a good capital. «‎In what way?» - You may think. Very simply, the owners of the hotels quickly figured out what is missing our lovers for complete happiness, and are ready to provide them with it, of course, for a fee. And we are talking about nothing more than a place to meet with a Rostov prostitute for a couple of hours.

Specialized sex hotels are starting receive clients in Rostov

Almost every man with an average income can afford to rent a room for a couple of hours and at the same time such costs will not threaten his financial well-being. The cost of renting a hotel room for a few hours varies from one to three thousand rubles. Of course, the price depends on the comfort, but it's not that, but the fact that every lover can rent his «‎love nest», based on the amount available.

Where do the origins of such a win-win business begin, and at the same time salvation, for those who lacked a place for close meetings? No one can answer this question with absolute precision. It is obvious that lovers more and more often had to turn to hotels with requests to change daily rates by the hour, because to make love day and night hardly anyone had enough strength, and spend the remaining time reading books with his beloved or playing chess or dominoes with her turned out to be meaningless and uneconomical occupation. Oddly enough, even in the «‎affairs of the amorous» Russian practicality rises in all its glory. The desire of Russian lovers to save even in love affairs forced representatives of the hotel business of Russia to change tariffs for hourly. And as it turned out, in the end both sides were satisfied. Now visitors to these hotels do not bother even conveyor method of service, because each customer must clearly «‎keep within» in the allotted time for him.

Today, to rent a room for an hour in Rostov offer many hotels and mini-hotels. Although without the side effects are not done. To rent a room in the «‎hotel for an hour» is possible only for two. Although, based on unofficial data, for an extra charge in excess of the tariff, can accommodate till ten people in the room. It worth saying, that it is possible to remove even a conventional hotel for an hour. And if customers are with children, the administration can provide a discount of 25 to 50%. But cases of such a rent are rather exception.

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