Signs of pornographic addiction

Scientists to this day are debating the benefits and dangers of watching porn films. But, as soon as it comes to porn addiction, the situation takes on a different turn.

pornographic addiction

Heide McMonkey, a professional sexual health counselor and therapist, of Affirmotive Sex Addiction Australia, says it's possible to get rid of porn addiction. To do this, you need to contact a specialist. According to the expert, the signs of misuse of pornographic films are different for each person. She named the most common ones that need special attention.

Waste of a lot of time

As a rule, people with pornographic addiction systematically disappear from work or leave the office after lunchtime. They open the site to view one video, and as a result, it takes several hours.

Lack of interest in real sex

Porn addicts can lose interest in real intimacy. In some cases, they see their partner as less attractive compared to the characters in adult films. They may need more stimulation to arouse than usual, or have erection problems.

The study has shown that viewing porn films among men is associated with less sexual pleasure, while it's opposite for ladies. Viewing extreme pornography

Like drug addicts, porn addicts tend to lose their satiety over time. Some admit that they have to watch more extreme content for another portion of pleasure. Other porn addicts are starting to watch these

videos more often.

A sexual health therapist explained that people with porn addiction tend to want more and more over time. They are not even stopped by the fact that they are exhausted from constant ejaculation or in pain from masturbation. Due to the increase in frequency, they lose time that they could have spent on family, work, socializing with friends, or their own hobbies.

Personality changes

As with other addictions, gradually personal changes become more and more noticeable. Heide McMonkey says it's likely that porn addicts are losing interest in things that once worried them, or becoming less focused, more aggressive and ruder. But the expert adds that these symptoms are not common to everyone.

Demanding in the bedroom

Those who are addicted to pornography often have unrealistic ideas about sex, which leads to increased demands in bed. This can affect anything from introducing new behaviors to behaviors that tend to alienate, embarrass, or intimidate a partner.

Other symptoms of porn addiction

Other signs include material problems due to excessive spending on porn films, decreased productivity or even loss of work, a huge sense of guilt or shame, a general alienation from loved ones.