Sexy gifts for your guy at home

The duty of every loving woman is to please her man after his hard working day. If this surprise is also sexual in nature, then such a girl has no equal. The article contains several examples of how to wonder your dear man with a sexual unexpected surprise.

Sexy gifts for your guy at home

Relaxing in the bathroom

Not only girls like to take a bath, but also men. And if they will be together, and even with the continuation…

It is possible after returning your man home to invite him to relax in a bath ready. There is hardly anyone who refuses to take off his clothes and have fun. In warm water with oils and foam, a man will relieve tension after a working day, and the smile and coquetry of the girl next to him will lift the mood. Kissing isn't the end of it, especially since many dream of blowjob under water.

Meeting in one cooking apron

Such a greeting will definitely intrigue a man, especially when the girl invites him to the table and turns back to him. Meal, of course, will be later. First there will be sex on the table. What it will be depends on the couple. But it is interesting to imagine the following scenario: the girl lies back on the table and makes a deep blowjob when the guy stands at her head, and then sex begins, where he changes his position, first, from above, then from behind.

Message in his bag or phone

Before a loved one leaves for work, you may put a small envelope in his bag with a secret letter or send a message with a detailed description of what he can do in the evening. From such a message, everyone will be excited and want to run home early to his only loved one, even bring roses with him, if before that he did not even particularly indulge in bouquets. It will be especially impressive if you carefully find out what new he wants in bed, and in the message you give permission for action.

Playing favorite bed scene from the movie

For such a surprise, you need to prepare carefully. It is important to reincarnate in the character externally, and even play the scene before sex, so that the message is clearly understood. It is important that these conversational preludes are more like a monologue. And on the eve of the surprise, you need to convince your loved one to review the film and focus on an important scene, so that what happens after is clearly recognizable.

Sexual surprises do not allow passion to cool down, but only on the contrary they kindle it. So you need to arrange them for your loved one as often as possible. So the desire to return home will be greater because you never know what unusual things are waiting for you.