5 types of erotic fetish you shouldn't be ashamed of

Many people love to fantasize about sex. Moreover, some people have thoughts that are far from reality, which in reality would be terrifying. Let's list the most common fantasies that can lead to a state of sexual arousal.

sexual fantasies

Victim of violence

Many women imagine being raped. Ladies are excited by such thoughts. But this does not mean that women want to be in such a situation in reality. The nuance is that they want to feel the power of a man, and for this they need to imagine themselves in the role of a victim incapable of resistance.

Getting slapped

Some women want to be slapped lightly while making love. This is a way to conquer them and turn them on at the same time. The aspect of submission becomes the main thing here. Such an action can be regarded as a kind of humiliation. The pain is very slight. If both partners agree on this, why not give it a try.

Role-playing games

There are girls who like to try on the role of schoolgirls. They get pleasure when the «teacher» caresses or spanks them for a bad mark. The schoolgirl uniform looks very sexy on adults. Girls get positive emotions from such roles.

First sex

In real life, first sex is often not very pleasant, so girls like to embellish this moment. This is how they review the first sexual experience, usually acquired during adolescence. Do not neglect such an opportunity, because these are just fantasies, and they can be made very beautiful.


Oddly enough, women love to imagine how they seduce a man and literally beg for sex from him. In their fantasies, they ask their partner to take them slowly. This is an effective way to relieve tension if the girl is not ready to dominate reality.

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