Sexual displeasure

A woman's sexual dissatisfaction is caused by various factors. Often this is due to the fact that the husband becomes inattentive and forgets about marital sex. But this state of affairs is often for people who have been married for many years and have only one partner. This issue is relevant and requires close attention.

Sexual displeasure

It is possible that such men never could give their wives pleasure. And they do not even imagine how a woman's orgasm manifests itself externally, and what it takes to satisfy a partner.

Of course, a man is more responsible for his wife's pleasure than a woman in bed. Although, when the couple is able to talk openly during intimacy, dissatisfaction will not be an obstacle to marriage.

Physically and mentally healthy wife will certainly experience at least one orgasm in one sexual act. A big mistake in an intimate relationship is a spouse shyness. And after all sexual intercourse is ability to give pleasure not only for himself/herself, but also for the partner. At the same time there is a clear dependence – the more like the partner is, the more fun his/her spouse get himself/herself.

During the summing up to the peak of pleasure, the woman behaves differently. Well, if she speaks out loud or makes it clear by movements, what she wants at this moment: that the man has increased rhythmic movements, or froze and squeezed her in the arms, bit in the neck or shoulder or stroked her back.

And what to do if a man begins to behave unusually in sex? For example, husband and wife have never had oral sex. Although in feature films you may always see beautiful scenes, and this is what girlfriends say. Or, for example, the husband offers anal sex.

How to be? It is better not to categorically dismiss it out of hand. By prior arrangement, it is better to agree to try once, and watch as it will, maybe be, like?

The majority of women find that additional experiments, initially causing denial, actually turned out not so bad. And many wives then themselves pushed spouses on the same feats in bed. But if the wife did not like the new way, then before the sexual «date», and not during it, it is necessary to stipulate that it will be permissible between the two.