Sexual abstinence from the point of view of science

Scientists have not been able to find evidence that men improve athletic performance in the absence of a sexual life.

abstinence from sex

A small study was conducted that refuted this claim. As scientists did not try, but could not confirm these statements in any way.

It is believed that orgasm lowers blood pressure. The more often a person has an orgasm, the lower the pressure will be. But this in no way affects sports results! This study was conducted at one of the American Universities, where seven men and one woman were invited to participate in the experiment.

During the experiment, the respondents' task was to increase their heart rate to 170 beats per minute. To do this, young people were forced to do push-UPS and jump. Their performance was evaluated after orgasm, after a restful sleep without sex, and after yoga. The experts came to the conclusion that none of the three scenarios in the evening the day before, the deterioration or improvement in athletic performance was noted.

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