Sexologists named the top 5 poses that everyone should try

Sexologists told about the poses that everyone should definitely try. They are not quite classic ones, but many couples will like them.

top 5 poses

Traditional poses are loved by many beloved. They have passed a serious test of time and proved that you can enjoy them. However, if you and your partner have been together for a long time, then for sure the classics are already tired and you want to diversify your sex life. In this case, we recommend that you change your usual program in bed and try new poses.

Side contact

This position is recommended to try by many sexologists. It helps to diversify both vaginal and anal sensations. In this position, clitoral stimulation is also possible. This pose has a lot of variations. For example, the partner can hold the partner's ankles, and she can lift her leg for deeper penetration. In this position, you are guaranteed to get tremendous pleasure.

Scissors on the contrary

This position is similar to spoons: the partner lies on her side, and the partner is settled behind her back. In this position, you may stimulate the clitoris, giving a woman tremendous pleasure. If the partners will watch their movements in the mirror, it will heat them up even more, since from the outside this pose seems incredibly sexy and attractive.

Mirror doggie

We recommend trying the dog-style pose in front of the mirror. This position requires active movements and a large amount of energy. Watching each other in the mirror during sexual intercourse guarantees the partners will get the maximum of bright emotions. This posture helps you learn to move synchronously, which contributes to a better understanding of each other.

Emphasis on the knees

This pose will appeal to couples where the man is much taller and larger than his woman. It is necessary to lie down in a missionary position, while the partner's knees should not touch the woman, but rest against the bed. The woman, in turn, may place her legs around the body of her man. This pose will give you a new feeling, making the familiar pose play with new colors.

Pleasant vibrations

Let one of the partners sit on the sofa or chair, and the other on top of him. Place the vibrator between you so that it is closer to the female clitoris. The partners will feel the vibration, which will allow them to get even closer and feel their bodies shake.