Sex without explicit consent is equated with rape in Denmark

In many European countries, the attitude towards forced sex, rape and punishment for unlawful acts against another person has long been reconsidered. Including in Denmark.

sex without consent

In this country, sex for which the second person did not give verbal or non-verbal consent is now equated with rape. One can be sentenced for 10 to 15 years. In the latter version, the term is assumed for actions with aggravating moments.

Now blackmail, pressure, the use of official powers against a second person in a sexual relationship can be considered rape on a legal basis.

The new law has already entered into force on January 1, 2021.

In fact, if we consider the amendments, then they toughen the local legislation. The government was prompted to change the data, which shows that 11.4 thousand women in Denmark are raped every year. With the introduction of the new law, the statistics are likely to change.

Denmark is now marked as the 12th country that has recognized non-consensual sex as rape. Similar laws are already in force in Germany, Great Britain, Sweden. Particular attention in this matter is paid to the relationship between former spouses or partners.