Sex without commitment: what it means for girls

It happens that sometimes we want to have fun, although we do not want to start anything serious. Most young people want to take advantage of our loyalty, and we are only too happy about it. Doesn't that happen often?

Why girls some time prefer sex without commitmen

Very often and there are resort novels. This is so called a temporary hobby that allows you to relax and unwind. But a similar situation with sex without obligations may arise in your permanent place of residence.

Men believe that sex for girls always means much more than for them. But girls, oddly enough, sometimes want something much easier: just to relax and enjoy the process of sex.

Sex without commitment is divided into two categories: sudden sex and planned. The second option is much more reliable, because you know who you will have sex with and there is less chance of any infection. But the first option is usually more attractive to girls.

The main thing is to protect yourself and be careful with different personalities, and in general, do not be afraid to experiment.