Sex will help to keep the memory until old age

As scientists from Germany found, pensioners who did not stop having sex in 70 years and older, less likely to suffer from memory problems and other cognitive disorders associated with old age.

During the survey, the researchers interviewed 170 people aged 63-75 years about their lifestyle, including the intimate sphere. Then the participants passed neurophysiological tests for memory, attention and regulation function. As a result, it turned out that sexual satisfaction is directly related to the work of the brain.

«‎The more active you are in old age, and especially in bed, the more likely you are to keep your mind young»,‎ the researchers noted.

In general the survey showed that 57% of people aged 63 years are satisfied with their sexual life. After 70 years, pensioners have a second wind, and about 70% of them enjoy quality sex.

Interestingly that 20-year-old chaps and girls are sure that after 50 years there is no sex. People in their 40s believe that sex life ends at 70. As for 50-year-old people, they are going to have an active sex life up to 80.