Sex tricks you often forget about

Sex isn't just about rhythmic vibrations. This is an extremely pleasant process that gives pleasure to both partners. And if you also remember about the 5 tricks, then sex will completely reach a qualitatively new level.

tricks of sex

If you want to receive and deliver more pleasant sensations during intimacy, you should adopt some useful recommendations. They will help you turn sex into something completely extraordinary. The game is worth the candle, believe me!

Preliminary caresses

Foreplay is a mandatory component of intimacy. According to women, it serves as a proof of a man's love. There is also one more important function - preliminary caresses help to prepare for intimacy. The main thing to remember is that the lady needs more time for excitement. So you should make sure that the partner has a physical and emotional mood for intimacy.

Romantic atmosphere

Flickering candles, slow music, rose petals, champagne glasses... It would seem that what is original here? However, it is unlikely that anyone will argue with the fact that a romantic setting has a beneficial effect on the microclimate in the bedroom. If you do everything correctly, your beloved will feel the maximum emancipation and readiness for experiments.

Notes of aggression

Try to add a little aggression to the love games. Open up to the animal instincts; do not be afraid to wake up the beast in yourself. Thanks to this, the man will become more confident in himself and will have the opportunity to take the initiative. He will vividly demonstrate how much he wants a woman who shares a love bed with him at this moment.

Erotic fantasies

The intimacy should be approached thoroughly. Do not hesitate to ask your partner about her wishes. This will help you not only to realize her erotic fantasies, but also to bring variety to your intimate life.


Sex in absolute silence isn't particularly exciting, is it? Still, this passionate process is simply bound to be accompanied by sweet moans and tender words. You may shower your beloved with compliments, whisper in her ear words that turn her on. The main thing is not to overdo it, so that making love does not turn into a stand-up show.

Do not forget to use these tricks during sex. They will not only improve the microclimate in your bedroom, but also help you experience a truly unearthly bliss.