Sex shop in Australia helped fight fires

Losses from fires amount to about $ 3.5 billion annually, and agriculture is the worst affected. More than a billion birds and animals died from the effects of the fire, which was due to the violation of their habitat and the lack of habitual food.

Dildo helped fight fires in Australia

The proceeds from the sale of dildos will be used to fight a natural disaster that is important to all farmers in Australia. At the moment, the useful idea has already brought about 15,000 Australian dollars, or about 10,000 US dollars to the country's budget.

As a result of the fires, not only agriculture is affected, but also the Australian economy as a whole. The flow of tourists to the country from high smoke has significantly decreased, because the total area of land affected by the fire was about 10 million hectares.

Thus, a useful initiative of the production of dildos allows solving the urgent problem of Australia and successfully fighting fires.