Sex in quarantine: what problems people faced

The quarantine associated with the coronavirus epidemic has significantly affected both the physical and emotional health of Ukrainian citizens. Living in constant fear, overcoming panic attacks, depressive states - all this strikes the functions of the immune system, has an impact on intimate life.

sex in quarantine

How to avoid quarrels during the quarantine period and not ruin a relationship with a loved one, said a psychologist who is well versed in sexual relations. In addition, he told about new trends and tendencies introduced by lockdown in the sexual life of Ukrainian citizens.

Midlife crisis

The psychologist claims that Ukrainians have more problems in intimacy. For example, representatives of the stronger sex go to sessions with a sexologist because of such problems. This is largely due to the midlife crisis.

The expert says that we are talking about successful representatives of the stronger sex, who have been married for a long time. For them, talking with their spouse about sexual topics is taboo. Such behavior is fraught with the destruction of self-esteem, the appearance of a feeling that sex with another woman will allow you to overcome the crisis. This is due to the fact that the sense of everyday life disappears, and wings appear behind the back. But the solution of the problem lies in another – you need to learn how to talk with your spouse about sexual topics.

Psychogenic impotence

Cases where the tests are good, but an erection problems exist are quite common.

Porn addiction

This problem is on the 3rd place. This is difficult to understand, but there is a dependency. The fair sex also has problems with sex. The expert says that people who do not manage to reach an orgasm during intimacy turn to her for advice, with destroyed self-esteem, in most cases maternity leave, but also sometimes with a partner. The psychologist urges that in order not to destroy the relationship with a loved one during the quarantine period, you need to follow several rules. It is necessary to divide the space for working activities, so that everyone feels comfortable.

Domestic issues

Cooking and cleaning – together or alternately. We must be aware that the situation is complicated and everyone's nerves are not iron. Walking in the evenings, preferably without smartphones, sincere conversations on any topic – that's what modern couples need.

Sex as a new method of studying the partner's body

Use candles for massage, watch movies together in the erotic genre. But before you start experimenting, discuss it with your partner. Perhaps not all of the things you have said will appeal to him. The psychologist told what trends emerged during the lockdown period among Ukrainians. People began to spend more time talking with their partner, more sensitive to their own health. In sex, the pose is not as important as the spiritual connection with the beloved. And to achieve it, you should talk about sexual topics. Most couples do not do this, each of the partners is on his own wave, and the other can only guess about his desires. The psychologist said that the term sexwife is now increasingly mentioned. We are talking about a certain sexual current, which has a game format based on the permitted infidelity in marriage. This is one of the varieties of swing. In such a relationship, a man likes that a woman does not keep faith with him. Whether it is possible to call sexwife a trend, it is difficult to answer, but for people who are married, the question is relevant.