Sex in a long-term relationship: what to do, «the spark didn't go out»

You may be together for a very long time, while sex becomes less and less and you do not really want to do it. Or it may be that one of the partners really wants to have sex, and the second avoids him. Today we will talk about how to return passion in a long-term relationship.

sex in a long-term relationship

Why is there no desire?

Any person's sexual desire is directly affected by his/her injuries, experiences, and life experiences. First of all, do not forget to listen to yourself and your feelings and emotions. Also, take a closer look and evaluate your relationship with your partner. Carefully analyze what relationships you had at the beginning, what you have now, what development has occurred.

In many couples, there is a problem of rare sex. The first couple of years you do it actively, and then the passion begins to slowly fade. As a rule, the reason usually lies in the dynamics of relations between partners.

All events that occur in life directly affect the quality of sex. If the partners can't find a common language, it affects their sex life. If the couple's sexual experience is not great, then the process of learning can occur on their own mistakes. In this case, if something goes wrong, the tension in the pair will heat up and eventually end in disaster. Here you need to treat your partner with understanding and help him/her develop his/her skills and sexuality.

How can I get my libido back?

You can return the sexual desire, but you need to do it gradually, since this is not a simple automatic process.

First of all, start filling your personal space with sexuality. The interest between partners is directly proportional to how much 'sparks' exist between them. Get to know your body, understand what you like. Become more fulfilled and find something to do that will allow you to get involved in life.

Sexuality is directly related to how much a woman is inspired at a given time. If you think only about work all the time, then sexuality disappears, and in its place comes fatigue, problems, irritability and nervousness. However, this does not apply only to women. Men also should not constantly fixate on work, and it is recommended to constantly develop their sexuality.

It is important to create a sexual context in a couple, to flirt. This may be intimate correspondence, looks and touches. If you do not have sexual desire for a partner, then it is worth starting to show interest in each other. Start studying each other again. Try to start and you will see how the process has slowly moved from place to place. Everything happens gradually, do not rush.

When is the best time to finish?

If the partner's desire to be together becomes more and more unconscious, then this begins to affect the sexual life. Many couples, having lived together for some time, realize that they are too different and cannot fix it in any way. They are sure that they will not be able to have a strong and harmonious family.

In this case, you may think about parting. If one of the partners is not ready to work on the relationship, then this relationship cannot be saved. It's getting harder to continue, because it's two people who have to work on a relationship, not one person. If you notice that you have this situation, then you should think about whether you want to continue to be with your partner.