Sex coaches fear an increase in injuries after watching «50 shades of grey»

Sex instructors fear that after watching the sensational erotic tape «50 shades of grey» viewers can go too far in their experiments. This may lead to a large number of injuries.

I wanna be your slave»: new craze in sex for couples

They advise to unprepared couples to begin with the instructions of a sex coach. And if someone is ashamed to do it, then do not follow the example of the main character of the picture to acquire for sexual pleasures ropes, wire and tape. It is better to use a proven product in a sex shop.

All actions need to be discussed in advance with the partner, and if she does not like something, immediately stop the «game». It is worth remembering that the elements of sadomasochism, rather, scare off an inexperienced girl than cause her glee. Handcuffs and a whip may force to panic even the tempted partners therefore it is better to think over in advance the scenario of not boring night.