Sex before the start of the working day reduces the efficiency of women

Recently, the media began to spread the study of American scientists that morning sex increases the desire to work. In fact, it not only does not increase the ability to work, but also reduces it in women due to increased drowsiness after sexual intercourse and the unwillingness of the body to «early» sex.

Sex before the start of the working day reduces the efficiency of women

Morning sex absolutely differently affects the male and female body: at 6 o'clock in the morning, the activity of the male hormone testosterone exceeds the normal rate by 20%, and at 8-9 in the morning – by 50%. That's why men, waking up (especially if at night they saw erotic dreams), are actively configured for sex. The desire is slightly dulled by 11 o'clock in the morning and recovers by noon. Most women in these hours sexual vigor has not yet woken up. Only by 13 o'clock female sex hormones estrogens begin to enter the bloodstream in large quantities, awakening sexual desire in the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.

In addition, many of us after sex tend to sleep, and this happens for a very understandable reason. The fact is that endorphins, which naturally stand out in the process, bring us closer to a state of euphoria, which in turn helps complete relaxation. Plus, the hormone oxytocin, which is released as a result of orgasm, causes pleasant drowsiness, and makes sleep deeper (it, by the way, also stands out after serious physical exertion, emotional stress and acute pain).

That is why, the best time for the female body to get the right charge of endorphins to improve performance – lunch break. In Europe, there is a whole culture of masturbation to relieve stress before an important meeting or responsible task. For example, you can carry in your purse a small clitoral vibrator type Qvibry, which is also a flash drive. With it it's very convenient to get a quick orgasm, alone in a toilet stall.