Sex became not available to Venezuelans because of the crisis in the economy

Today, the average salary in this small country is five dollars a month. For comparison, a pack of three condoms will cost $ 2. Anti-conception pills are generally more than the average salary in the country, namely $ 8. A hotel room for privacy will cost at least ten American dollars. Because of this price-to-salary ratio, many couples can't afford to have protected sex.

Sex turned out to be inaccessible to residents of Venezuela

Because of this hyperinflation, many citizens prefer to transfer their salaries to US dollars, rather than store them in the local currency. However, now the state plans to impose a tax on such currency transactions in order to have an income from this to the budget. According to the calculations of government agencies, by the end of 2020, up to 70% of payments will be made in the US currency. Local Bolivar is used for payment only for small things, like chewing gum in a kiosk.

Since president Maduro came to power, the situation in Venezuela leaves much to be desired. The crisis broke out in 2013 and has not stopped until now. The reason for inflation was the price of oil, as well as the general policy of the state.