Sex as the best method for charm and adolescence

Do you want to always look amazing, have a great figure and good mood? Then you should resort to the simplest way to be the most charming and attractive. No expensive investments, beauty salons and gyms – it's just enough to have sex regularly. Sex helps to stay in great shape, is able to make the skin luxurious, look brilliant. In addition, women who practice constant sex, look much younger than their peers – at least for five (and sometimes ten) years.

Sex as the best method for charm and adolescence

Scottish sociologists conducted a study in which several dozen representatives of the beautiful half of humanity participated. They were given the task to have sex at least three times a week. Six months later, scientists have received incredible data: all these ladies began to look four or five years younger than those who have sex from time to time. The explanation is simple: cortisol triggers the aging process, but endorphins released during sex, block it. In addition, the substances released during sex, moisturize the skin, make it supple and radiant.

In addition, sex can easily treat insomnia, after it a person falls asleep almost instantly. No need to drink expensive sleeping pills; it's enough to make love at least a few times a week.

Do you want to save on cosmetologist and expensive cream? During sex, swelling around the eyes disappears, and moans and rapid breathing during sexual intercourse charges the body with useful oxygen.

If a woman leads an irregular sex life and does not reach orgasms, she will look much worse than those who constantly allow themselves to spend a stormy night. According to research, sexually dissatisfied ladies live less, and their income is low. Paradoxically, but all this is directly related to the frequency of orgasms.