Sex as medicinal product: from what disorders sex protects

Making love with a loved one, you can not only have fun, but also be cured of many ailments. What diseases can be cured by sex, see below.

Sex as medicinal product: from what disorders sex protects


Thanks to the hormones endorphins, which are released into the blood during orgasm, sensitivity to pain is reduced by half. So when you feel headache, to give up sex is not worth it.

Strengthening of immunity

Scientists have proven that people who lead a regular sex life have 30% stronger immunity comparing with sexually passive men and women.

Heart diseases

The risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system is significantly reduced if you have sex at least twice a week.

Сommon cold

Researchers believe that during a common cold or flu lovemaking will not be superfluous. Sex will only help to cope with the disease faster.

Improved blood circulation

Thanks to the active contraction of a dozen muscles during intercourse, the heart pumps blood more actively. Thus, as a result, not only the smallest capillaries are dilated but new ones can even sprout.

Female diseases

Gynecologists do not tire of repeating that regular sexual life is the key to women's health. Thanks to lovemaking, critical days become painless, and the monthly cycle becomes regular.