Sex as a tool of cognitive abilities development

It has been written enough about the importance of sex for the mental and physical health of men and women. The beneficial effects of a large number of endorphins synthesized during sex on the appearance, immune system and circulatory system, good mood as well as in the fight against stress were also mentioned. But, it turns out, that the impact of sexual games on human the public knows not everything.

Sex as a tool of cognitive abilities development

British scientists suddenly came to the conclusion that regular sex contributes to the development of intellectual abilities. At Oxford University found that sex can be considered as a kind of intellectual exercise, quite comparable to the solution of a crossword or other puzzle. So those who want to be smarter should have sex more often?

About a hundred volunteers aged 50 to 80 years were initially interviewed, during which it became clear that 10 of them never had sex, 25 do it no more than once a month, and about 50 participate in sexual games once a week. Equipment that reads brain activity connected to the test subjects' heads during various tests showed quite interesting results.

Those who had sex at least once a week, coped with all the tasks with a significant margin from the rest of the group. Accordingly, those who engaged in sex less frequently, were in second place, and third place was given to those who do neglect the sexual activity.

In fact, the initiators of the experiment have not yet dared to say with confidence that it is frequent sex that affects the development of the brain so much. However, there are reasonable assumptions that indicate that the results were achieved due to the presence of sufficient amounts of hormones such as dopamine and oxytocin.

These neurohormones are responsible for the quality of signal transmission through nerve cells. The higher the content of such substances in the corresponding tissues, the faster the impulses pass through the brain, contributing to active work. In this case, regular sex becomes a catalyst for brain activity.