5 seductive poses in which all senses are involved

A person is given tremendous opportunities: sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste ... If you use all this during sex, you can take relationships to a completely new level and, of course, make orgasms brighter and more memorable. This can be achieved with the help of certain poses.

seductive poses

Oh yeah!

Have the man sit by the head of the bed and cross his legs while you sit comfortably on his lap, face to face. Eye contact plays a decisive role here, because in the process you will communicate only through looks and sounds. Whisper how much you want him, and then give a gentle, slow, deep kiss and look into his eyes again. Be sure to demonstrate your pleasure with moans - this is wildly exciting for men.

Under cover

This is a great option for a sultry summer night. Turn off the light, close the curtains tightly or you can use a sleep mask or a dark scarf. Here the point is that both partners are deprived of the opportunity to see - thanks to this, you can concentrate as much as possible on the smell of your beloved, his touch and your own feelings. For such intimacy, the missionary position or Spoons are perfect, since they do not require active movements and orientation in space.

Fragrant trail

The partner lies on his back, and you are on top - so that your bodies are closely pressed against each other. Now you have to catch each other's natural scents: they say smell attracts sex partners more than anything else. You can put your nose in his hair, rub your cheek against his nose, so that he smells the scent of your skin. Let your loved one kiss your thighs and explore the scent of your genitals. Of course, you shouldn't use any perfumes or scented creams beforehand - a light shower with neutral soap is enough.

Sweet kitty

Sex and food are perfectly combined and bring great pleasure to all participants in the process. Lie on your back, apply some whipped cream or strawberry syrup to your thighs and belly, then invite your partner to treat. If you're worried about getting your sheet dirty, place a towel on top. In the process, you can add a treat to those places where his lips will wander - then, if you wish, you can switch roles.

Guess what!

In this variant, you also need to deprive yourself of the opportunity to observe what is happening in order to heighten tactile sensations to the limit. Lie on your stomach and ask your partner to caress you with something unusual, for example, a feather a brush. It is better to prepare the necessary attributes in advance so that you can experiment with different textures and temperatures - a cup of warm (not hot!) tea, leather scraps, silk scarves. Your partner will have to awaken your sensuality and find the touch that will appeal to you the most. Then switch roles again.

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