Scientists: women suffer from lack of sex

As a result of a survey of American women, scientists found that in 10% of the fairer sex decreased libido causes stress.

Women don’t get enough sex

450 people were interviewed of all age groups from adulthood to 60 years. The findings apply to women regardless of the age of reproduction. The share of women of reproductive age in the structure of the study was about 70%.

It turned out that in 9 cases out of 10 the weaker sex lacks sex. At the same time, 95% would consider personal life fine in the presence of 1-2 sexual events.

The surprise was that the majority (67-72%) of respondents did not consider negative subjective feelings to be a deviation. Few people realized the need for medical advice. Many did not realize that such questions belong to the category of health. Others did not suspect that there were methods to remedy the situation.