Scientists have found out who loves sex more

Many studies show that the emotional bond between partners is important for both men and women.

who refuses to have sex more often

Most often men are in charge of the lack of sex in family life. It happens because they feel that they have to fulfill their marital responsibilities.

Scientist have done a research in which 65 family couples took part. The research showed that men are more likely to refuse from sex.

Men can worry about their looks as well as about emotion bond in the couple just like women do. All these factors affect their libdo.

Emotional bond is an important foundation of relationships for any person, and therefore should not be underestimated.

Studies also showed that women are likely to refuse from sex because they are in long-term relationship. They want variety in their sexual life.

Why a partner doesn't want sex

Men feel pressure from their partner and society, because they are often encouraged to take the first steps, although they may not want to. They often worry about their lack of sexual desire.

To sum up, both men and women have wave-like sexual desire. There both have rises and falls. It’s just another myth that men have stronger sexual desire than women.