Researchers have rejected the well known myth of sex

There is an opinion that sexual contact perfectly helps in weight loss, burning calories, not worse, than from occupations in a hall. Canadian scientists have been able to prove that this is not so.

Researchers have rejected the well known myth of sex

Scientists from Canada conducted a series of studies, in which they refuted the widespread myth that sex promotes in weight loss. Some people even believe that sexual contact can be compared with jogging in efficiency, however, it is not.

According to researchers, even if sex can help the body to lose calories, sport it will not replace. The average duration of sexual intercourse is from 6 to 10 minutes. In order to achieve the effect of weight loss you need to exercise more than two hours a week.

As for the fat-burning abilities of sex, scientists have calculated: the number of calories that burn during the intimate process is not too significant, in women it is about 69 calories, in men – up to 100 calories. One hamburger contains much more calories.