Scientists from the USA and Canada named the sexiest human trait

Scientists from the United States, using a study, found out which character trait can be called the sexiest. It is this quality that representatives of the opposite sex find most attractive. The result was quite unexpected.

sexual trait of a person

More than 800 people participated in the experiment. Psychology professor Pat Barclay asked them questions about relationships, as well as their willingness to help others, in particular to become a donor or donate money to charities, etc.

In the course of the experiment, scientists found that unselfish people, regardless of character and age, enjoyed great success on dates, and it was easier for them to find a partner, unlike those who did not have this quality. Thus, disinterestedness was recognized as the most sexual character trait.

The researchers were greatly surprised that this quality left behind the self-confidence, honesty, and sense of humor that people usually look for in a partner.

It was noted that selflessness makes life brighter and more interesting, forms positive thinking, and also makes you look at the world and others in a new way.