Scientists from Harvard University told how to safely have sex during the pandemic

It seems that the situation with the coronavirus pandemic is gradually calming down and the whole world has started to come to life, but news from experts and scientists still continues to arrive.

sex during the pandemic

Experts from Harvard University strongly recommend that you have sex not only using condoms, but also provide yourself with additional safety factors.

Everyone knows that in the United States, coronavirus infected many more people than in Spain, China and Italy. More than 100,000 people have been killed in America to date. It is believed that the high population density was to blame.

Since there is an active wave of protests in the United States and hundreds of people have taken to the streets, it is likely that the number of infected people will increase exponentially. Therefore, scientists do not stop developing a vaccine for a disease that at one point captured the entire world.

Close attention is primarily paid to sexually active people.

Harvard scientists recommend carefully treating places where people plan to have sex with any antiseptics. It is also recommended not to remove the mask during coitus, if people do not live together. From kissing and oral sex it is better to refuse too.

Of course, antiseptic instead of champagne and candles does not add romance, but it guarantees not to get infected with the coronavirus.