Scientists found out how many people are obsessed with sex

Sexual obsession is sometimes referred to as hypersexuality, but this disorder is not recognized by science.

the girl is obsessed with sex

10% of the stronger sex and 7% of women cannot fully exercise control over their sexual thoughts and urges, according to the results of research by the University of Minnesota.

A healthy sex life has many advantages for the mental and physical health of people, but when sex already occupies all thoughts, it negatively affects daily life and work, negatively affects people.

In addition, sexual obsession affects different categories, in particular sexual and racial minorities, in different proportions. For this reason, this phenomenon has various causes and development scenarios.

Sexual obsession in some cases is called hypersexuality, but this disorder is not recognized by science and is not added to the list of sexual and mental disorders. However, psychiatrists express concerns that the number of victims of this violation is increasing, and sometimes, including in the United States, special rehabilitation centers are opened to treat sexual obsession.

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