Russian citizens reported social scientists, who runs the house

Modern Russian women have equitable relations with the partner (51%) and don’t recognize the notion “head of the family” (29%). The majority of them suppose that the man can take a leave for childcare (63%), however, they don’t agree to be a breadwinner in the family (77%). The day before March 8 the group of the “SEX.RF” companies found out the attitude of the fair sex to the gender equality.

Russian citizens reported social scientists, who runs the house

Most of the surveyed women are sure that they have equal rights and possibilities with men (52%). 32% think that the stronger sex have more privileges, and 4% - that nowadays ladies “take the lead”. The respondents named charm and sexuality as the main advantages of women over men (31%). The other advantages are life wisdom (10%), the ability to better resist stress (5%) and a higher intellect (3%). Nevertheless, almost one third of the women are sure that the strengths of a person don’t depend upon his sex (29%).

Most women have equal rights in personal relations (51%). In 33% of the couples a man is considered to be the head of the family, and in 5% - a woman. At that only 3% of the respondents suffer from the excessive patriarchal character of the beloved, at the same time 28% would like to feel themselves weaker.

It is interesting that the women don’t want to take the role of a breadwinner (77%). Among them 38% strongly believe that a man must provide for the family, and 39% on the whole allow the opposite, but in their couple they don’t want something like that. Only 5% are ready to bring more to the family than their beloved, and 3% are the main breadwinner in the family.

Having patriarchal views on keeping a family, the ladies turned out to be rather modern in regard to household duties. So most of them suppose that a man can take a leave for childcare (61%), and 2% would be glad if the stronger sex can use their right to take a maternity leave more often.

In the intimate life of modern couples partnership also prevails (42%). A fourth of the respondents pointed out that the man in their family dominated (25%), and 17% - that they showed initiative in sex. At that 14% of all respondents want their partner to be more active in sex.

“Nowadays there are many self-sufficient women in the society, at that sexual relations only begin to go through a quiet revolution. Not long ago most women considered their sexuality mainly with regard to the needs of the stronger sex. In the last few years the tendency has changed. More girls come to our trainings not only to realize some men’s needs, but to realize their wishes with a man. And this is a very good tendency. By discovering her wishes, sensuality and sexuality in the broad sense of the word, a woman certainly passes to a new level of the relations, enriching them with bright tints and variety,” Galina Dmitrieva, a psychologist and trainer of “SEX.RF”, comments.

The study was conducted from 11 till 24 February 2019 by surveying the visitors of the “SEX.RF” training centers in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod. 344 respondents took part in the survey – women over 18 years old, being sexually active.