Rules of morning sex for a great start to the day

What does it feel like to have sex while you're awake? This is equivalent to realizing your erotic fantasies or, to put it more simply, «fuck a fairy tale». Is there any man who can resist morning sex? Why don't you take note of this method of awakening?

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Rules for morning sex

Main recommendations:

1. Required teeth brushing. It only takes a minute, and the stench from the mouth is not the most pleasant intimate experience.

2. Forget about routine. Try something new, the morning is a great time to experiment.

3. Place the condoms in the bedside table. Who knows what the end result will be a gentle hug in the morning. The last thing you want to do in this case is spend time searching for contraceptives around the house.

4. Drop the complexes. Allow yourself the luxury of not worrying about figure defects at least in the morning. Let go of all your fears and worries and just enjoy the moment.

5. Change the situation. Leave the bedroom and move, for example, to the bathroom. A morning shower, coupled with invigorating sex, will be a great start of the day.

6. After sex, one of the partners may prepare breakfast or bring coffee to bed; this is an additional chance to meet the morning perfectly.

7. If time is sorely lacking, but you still really want to have sex, do it quickly. In the morning, you are afraid to be late for work, your heartbeat increases, your adrenaline goes through the roof — this will definitely add sharpness to your feelings.

8. Sex is a great alternative to morning exercise. During lovemaking, almost all muscle groups are involved.

9. Morning intimacy brings health benefits. Such sex reduces the likelihood of cardiovascular diseases by 2 times, normalizes blood pressure. In addition, studies have confirmed that morning sex effectively fights colds and migraines.

10. Women who prefer to make love in the morning are less likely to experience depression, and men are less susceptible to stress.

11. Hormonal plus. Testosterone in the blood of male representatives reaches its maximum concentration from 7 to 8 in the morning.

12. Biorhythms of the appearance of sexual desire in the stronger and weaker sex completely coincide twice a day — at 8 am and 8 PM. During these hours, their sexuality curves reach a simultaneous maximum. This is the optimal time for sexual intercourse. In addition, scientists believe that 20 minutes of vigorous sex may burn about 200 calories.

And morning sex is a great cure for a hangover.

The best poses for morning sex

In the morning, the rested body gives a much more intense reaction to caresses, which makes the orgasm more colorful and longer.

The «spoon» pose

This position is a classic for a morning of intimacy. It is especially suitable in cases when the woman is still sleepy, and the man is ready for intercourse. The lovers are arranged facing in one direction, the man behind the woman. In one of the variations of this position, you may raise and throw your leg behind your partner.

The inverted missionary position

This position mirrors the classic missionary position.

The lotus position

The man sits in the lotus position. The partner saddles him and wraps her legs around him.

Morning intimacy has its benefits and advantages, and the main disadvantage is the lack of time at such hours. However, the advantages are still much more. Pay a little attention to each other, and the day is guaranteed to bring only the most positive emotions.